We can all be leaders by a virtue of how we show up in the world. Our choice of words, the energy we exude, the values and thoughts we bring to conversations, our overall presence and thus the collective impact we have on those around us determine our effectiveness as a leader. Leaders aren’t people in certain roles or with titles. In fact, I don’t believe that by simply having certain society attributed titles, we can be truly effective leaders.
Yesterday, I stumbled upon a beautiful line by Gonan Premfors on a parenting workshop that she is co-leading that said – This workshop will help you learn to lead (yes, you are a leader as a parent) from a place of authenticity and partnership!
That struck a deep chord with me – Parenting & Leadership. Whether I agree or not, I have a deep influence as well as a huge responsibility in how I show up and what that means for my baby in the way he shows up in the world. The first thing that means is being AWARE and AUTHENTIC in how I show up. It means that I need to bring my full range of emotions, my imperfections and my doubts to the table so he has permission to access his own. It means acknowledging that his mama still doesn’t have answers to many of life’s questions so he can continue asking his own questions.
Influence doesn’t mean that he should be like me but rather emphasizes my role in helping him see his own brilliance and the brilliance in the world around us. It means true acceptance of who he is as a person and being mindful when I may be clouding his own vision with my own agenda. It means not defining success for him but letting him fall and yet stand by him so that he can learn to get up and see what success may mean for him.
Do you believe you are a leader as a mom or dad? How does this leadership manifest in your life? What do you struggle with?
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