Gather with other mothers who want to question the status quo, deepen their self-awareness & find fulfillment without burning themselves out.

Feeling exhausted and depleted and want to better access your signature strength, wisdom, and brilliance?

Longing to connect with other brave and purpose-driven mothers who want to own their ambition but do so on their own terms?

Looking to deepen your self-awareness, strengthen your self-belief, and lead and parent from this place of abundance, enoughness, and confidence.

Want to be a part of the solutions for the many problems our world is facing tbut are too burnt out to step outside of your work and caregiving responsibilities

Are you in a season where some of these may be true?

Can you relate?

Ask for what you need from your boss, peers, direct reports, and family (including your kids) so you feel empowered, heard, and valued more often

Claim your authentic voice & ideas in your work, draw effective boundaries & prioritize with integrity so you are thriving more often than not

Detach from the shoulds of motherhood, leadership, & ambition and lean into what works best for you in the different seasons in your career & life

Define success, ambition, worthiness, & motherhood on your own terms & have the courage to make work & life decisions that align with your values

I believe all of this is possible for you when you make time and space to reflect, connect with yourself and others in a safe space, and do the inner work so you can have a greater impact on the outside in ways that matter to you. Doing this work isn't easy and changes don't happen overnight but is a lifelong practice of coming back to our own deep truths of inner knowing and enoughness.


Bring more joy, plan, and fun, and question our chronic hustle and grind culture to feel worthy, whole, and impactful

Unapologetically own your working motherhood identity and not feel guilty every time you are at work or at home

Use your voice, talent, and skills to contribute to taking action to be of service to “one” of the many problems in our world today

I am honored to be your guide on this journey with you!

There will always be another countertop to wipe, a swim lesson the kids are late for, college application deadlines to contend with, laundry to be folded and one more email to send. Can we really find time and space to bring forth what is longing to be felt and expressed?

Yes. And this couldn’t be more important for ambitious and thoughtful mothers. We tell our children to seek a life of meaning, purpose, creativity, self-expression, and service. We need to model what we hope for them to achieve as adults so they have the freedom, courage, love, and space to find their own path on this beautiful journey called life.

There will never be enough time... 

When you fully embrace your grace and power, you make a difference in the communities, workplaces, and organizations that you are a part of and in turn invite others to embrace themselves and collectively we create a world we all want to live in. A world with kindness, compassion, creativity, equity, belonging and a full expression of our hearts and heads to create products, services, institutions, governments, and organizations where human potential thrives.

I love Kevin Cashman's definition of leadership:  

Why the intersection of motherhood and leadership?

Authentic self-expression that creates value.

Yet, we live in a world where leadership is defined largely by the grandiosity of our metrics regardless of the value -- the size of the team, the title on the Linkedin profiles. Yes, many people in positions of formal authority operate as leaders and are doing some incredible work. But, that is a very limiting view of leadership and there are so many leaders out there who are not calling themselves leaders, yet.

Many of them are viewing their leadership only by what happens within the constraints of their formal responsibilities (I am a Director of Marketing or CFO at this organization) vs. truly celebrating and nurturing who they are in all that they do and the impact they are having. It may be in the way they support their direct report to find a meaningful opportunity at a different organization, the choice of books that they are reading to their kids, the monthly volunteering project they do as a family or the decision to spend a Sunday morning joining the march for women’s rights.

All of these choices are an act of leadership.

As we look to the future, we know we need more of these stories. The pandemic & everything that came over these last few years has shown us how much is not working about our world the way it exists today. I’d like to invite you to take a bolder stand for yourself, step into your full power, & share your voice, gifts, and ideas because the world needs you. I’d encourage you to call yourself a leader because you matter, your voice and work matter and collectively we can design a world where we are all proud to live.

And it all starts with the choices we make to discover and connect with our authentic voice and lead on the outside from that place of inner knowing


Neha single-handedly lifted me up, championed my mission, helped me define my goals, guided me through personal and professional challenges, and most importantly, gave me the courage to step into the arena and just start my next life adventure. Her approach to finding my inner leader’s voice, recognizing and honouring my inner critic (without letting her take the lead), and giving myself grace and compassion, proved to be hands down life-changing! I am so grateful I got her guidance at the time I did, it truly shifted my mindset to be okay with my fears, but move forward with my inner power. It is a gift that will stay with me and continue to give me the strength I need for the rest of my life.

I cannot recommend her enough, It truly shifted my mindset to be okay with my fears, but move forward with my inner power

Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the first time I am running this program and we dont have testimonials yet.  

the reviews

Are longing to be live and lead with greater integrity with your values 

Hope to make a positive difference in the world - even if it is small

Aspire to live with more courage and self-belief

Want to amplify your impact and bring forth the gifts you know you have

Want to grow and learn with a community of other brave mothers

Are comfortable being uncomfortable and honest with yourself

Are willing to do the inner work and better understand yourself

THIS program IS FOR YOU IF YOU ...



Bold Leadership 
Brave Mothers


How it Works

3 month live group experience that includes teaching, coaching & connection with yourself & others 

Bi weekly live sessions where we explore a new topic, learn new concepts  and practices with other fellow humans in real time.

Live Sessions

Bi weekly conversation and reflection sessions to deepen our learning from the prior week's topic. 

 Conversations & Coaching

Engage in a private coaching session to discover new insights or explore a topic in more depth

1:1 Coaching 

What’s really important and what truly matters around ambition, leadership, and motherhood? How much of your life and work today is in integrity with your values and vision? Where are your choices stemming out from the expected “shoulds” vs. the desired “wants.”?

Owning our values & vision



How do you define good leadership? What are the core fundamentals in how you lead? How can you bring your signature style and authentic presence to more of what you do?

Your leadership assets



How clear are you on how much is good enough? Are you saying yes & no to the right things in your work & life? Are you dropping the right balls? Where is fear sabotaging your ability to have more ease & clarity in your days?

Boundaries & prioritization



Are you trying to do everything all by yourself?  Who could you be if you invited more support in your lives? What beliefs may you be carrying around interdependence that may not be serving you?

Asking for what you need



Are you modeling the values you want your children to witness? How do gender roles play out in your homes? Are you having hard conversations when needed? What leadership values are you honoring & where are the gaps?

Leadership at Home



What are your beliefs about rest and play that may not be serving you? How could you make more room for play and fun as a leader and mother? What kinds of rest are you most in need of in this season?

Dismantling hustle, Inviting rest, play & fun



How can you be a part of creating the world you want your children to live in? Where & how are you feeling called to contribute in small ways? How can you be an agent of change on your team, workplace, or community at large?

Being a changemaker





the topics

We will meet from Sept 21st through Dec 14th and we will meet for 90 mins each week on Wednesdays at 9:00 am (PT)

You can schedule 1 private coaching session per your convenience. Open slots will be provided. 

Dates & Times


Greater clarity on your own definition of success, ambition & motherhood

More courage to make decisions that better align with your values

Capacity to uncouple from the “shoulds” & leaning into the “wants”

Tools around drawing effective boundaries and prioritizing the right things

Ability to include more fun, rest and play in your work and life

Confidence to ask for what you need

Contribute to being of service in small and big ways

What Outcomes can you expect with this program?

Yes! Sign me up 


Neha has a wonderful ability to create psychological safety enabling me to share my fears with great ease and then work through them and navigate my path forward. She asks powerful questions that open up the possibilities for me to better understand myself, nourish my inner leader, and connect with the abundance that already exists in me.

I have been able to see my own blind spots as a manager and again connect back with my inner wisdom and learn new tools to lead my team more thoughtfully. I have also had the space to explore my deeper longings and learned to believe that my dreams are worth nourishing. I feel powerful and supported as a result of our work together and would highly recommend working with her.

I am more self-reliant and able to seek the answers within me ultimately making me a better human and leader in the process.

Feedback is from 1:1 client. Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the first time I am running this program and we dont have testimonials yet.  

the reviews

I am a leadership coach and possibility partner for women who aspire to bring forth their authentic voice in their work and lead with their values, power, and brilliance without burning themselves out in the process.

I’m also a certified yoga teacher and have led numerous yoga and meditation classes and retreats. I’ve also completed an Engineering degree, and an MBA in sustainable management and have 15+ years of experience in the corporate world with a focus on developing and launching new products. So, I understand the pulled-apart feeling of trying to balance work and home, rush and quiet, creation and contemplation. I coach busy, thoughtful humans to claim their own leadership power (regardless of their job description or title!) and find fulfillment through contribution, self-expression, and meaning in small and big ways.

I’m Neha - A leadership coach, career strategist & possibility partner 



"I loved the predictability of the work that we did. I approached each call with an intention of a workout, and I experienced a mental and soulful adrenaline rush. It is rare to have conversations like this with loved ones or counselors that leave such positive energy. I am also now creating measurable goals and pockets of excitement for myself and my family and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves instead of doubting the ability to fit them in”

"I am learning to lean into my own values, prioritize and enjoy myself and take time to value my contributions to the world"

the reviews

Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the first time I am running this program and we dont have testimonials yet.  


frequently asked

Each cohort will have 8-12 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, demographics and career stages.

Yes, you will have access to all recordings within 48 hours. Schedules can be tough and know that you will get significant value even if you skip a session or two.

Yes, scholarships will be available. Please email me at to learn more.

Yes, all participants will have 1 private coaching session as well.

Yes, at this time this this program is designed for mothers. If you don't identify with this, please join my mailing list and I will notify you when other offerings are available. 

All assignments are OPTIONAL and most participants dedicate between 30 mins to 2 hours each week outside of our sessions.

Yes, please reach out to me at with more questions. 


7 live content sessions
 7 live coaching & conversation sessions
1 Private coaching session
Access to all recordings 
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7 live content sessions
 7 live coaching & conversation sessions
6 Private coaching sessions
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