Last Wednesday I was at Starbucks and because it was Valentine’s day I figured I’d get a brownie instead of my usual Jade Citrus Mint tea.

I had a gift card and when I went to pay turns out I was 2 dollars short. I went back to my car and realized I had left my credit card at home. I looked in the nooks and crannies of my car hoping I’d find a few quarters to make it up but unfortunately, I found none.

And of course, as I imagined not getting my brownie the craving felt even stronger but I figured I’d learn to stay with the discomfort of not getting what I want, an important skill I keep coming back to, and of course telling myself I’d be better off without that extra sugar but still a part of me really wanted to treat myself.

I went back to the cashier with a sad face and told her that I had to cancel my order. And she had a huge smile and gave me the brownie and said – Happy Valentine’s Day.

I was literally like a kid in a candy store and my happiness had no bounds – both the excitement of eating that warm delicious brownie but also so moved and touched by the kindness of this woman. I thanked her wholeheartedly and then went back to my computer.

As I was leaving I knew I wanted to express the deep gratitude I was feeling for her. It felt a bit vulnerable but I went back and spoke from my heart and let her know why this meant so much to me. She was touched and asked me – “Can I give you a hug” and we hugged.

She ended by saying – “Thank you for sharing with me the impact my actions had on you.”

One of my biggest learnings here was the power of letting people know the impact they have on us and how often in the chaos and craziness of our lives we can forget to take a moment and let our appreciation and gratitude come through. I have had my fair share of those moments until I realized it was too late and the person is no longer on this planet or have missed an opportunity to strengthen a relationship or let someone know of their goodness.

As you wrap up your week, I’d invite you to pause for a moment, think of someone who added meaning to your week, and send them a text or call them and let them know of the specific impact their actions had on you.

Pic Credit: Larissa Uemura

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