Watching Kamala Harris and Joe Biden take on the stage yesterday was a proud moment. I felt so much hope for our planet, for people of color, minorities & immigrants, for the suffering in this pandemic, for our economy  and for humanity at large. 

It wasn’t just about the election results, there was something deeper for me (and I know for so many others).  I felt I could breathe again. I was experiencing so much relief, joy, and healing of my pain I didn’t fully realize I was carrying within. 

And there was one more realization. Watching Kamala Harris on stage, the first African American, the first Asian American born to immigrant parents, an Indian mother, and the first female vice president in U.S. history made me feel I belong in this country. I felt heard and seen not just because of my vote but that an Indian immigrant woman who moved here over a decade ago is  a part of this country. Knowing that I will be led by people whose values I respect made me feel safe and supported on the planet. 

My husband and I took had a couple of hours without the kids last night and as we were planning for the upcoming months, I found I had more courage and strength, more conviction in my ambitions and a deeper sense of purpose that was impacted by watching another woman, a woman of Indian origin own her power with grace, dignity,  kindness & compassion. It reminded me of owning my voice, my intense privilege along with the marginalizations and being a part of the change I hope to see in the world. 

There is so much work needed in our country, in the world right now. As you start a new week tomorrow, I hope you can also see the power and resilience that exists in you and that you access it to bring your voice, ideas and gifts to the world. I hope you speak up for what’s not okay when a black woman isn’t treated well on your team or that you start a group at your children’s school to discuss climate change. No matter what you are called to do, no matter how small, every voice matters. 

When you step into your full power, you give others permission to take another step in the direction of what matters, like Kamala Harris is showing so many women and young girls in the world right now. That is the kind of leadership and activism that our world needs and I hope we can all show up for each other in ways that are aligned with our values and beliefs. 

I also understand that not everyone reading this feels the same about the election results and I honor the pain and disappointment you may be feeling. I hope you give yourself space to grieve and navigate the sadness in your hearts. Ultimately,  I hope that regardless of our political views, we can join hands and contribute to a world where every human being feels safe and  seen regardless of who they voted for, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or their socio economic background.  

We can all do our part in creating a world that we feel proud to live in and share with our children tomorrow.

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