I got my first vaccine shot this week. It felt surreal after a year of not knowing if the slight itch or that one sneeze could be something that could take my life, that this jab would significantly lower my chances of a serious illness with this virus. I was hugely grateful for being able to get the vaccine and was so touched by the efforts of all the volunteers, not to mention the nurses who were making this possible and many, many others who got us to this point in less than a year. 

And then there were feelings of privilege and the recognition that not every human in the world is having this experience and there will be so many more lives taken before the vaccine reaches their part of the world. I know this has been the case even outside the pandemic where suffering is unfortunately not equally distributed and race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status has such a huge bearing not just on the quality of our lives but simply on the ability to be alive and that sadness often consumes me in big ways…

I was unpacking some of the things that were making me sad with my coach and she left me with a question at the end of our session – “What are you learning from your sadness.” As I sat with this question, a big theme that emerged for me was that service even in small doses is really important for me. And that led to a lot more journaling around what’s important in this post-vaccine season of my life…

A few words emerged for me – space, simplicity, service, support, savor, and surrender

I really hope to bring so much of the space and simplicity that was made available to me this past year. Amidst all the chaos, uncertainty, and pain of this season, I also felt I had permission to slow down and really get to strengthen my relationship with myself and honor the joy that comes from a simpler life. In many ways, it is not just about saying no to social engagements but more about saying yes to solo and family time with a greater capacity. It means creating meaningful moments digitally vs. always having to do everything in person. Our new fully remote lives will enable a lot of this space and simplicity and I hope to create the physical space in our new home that also carries the energy of slowness and simplicity. 

And then there is the savoring of the abundance and beauty that exists and to nurture the mindset and build habits that enable savoring, to lengthen the joyful moments and let them take up more space in my heart. 

Surrender has been a big one for me lately – professionally, in my parenting, and simply as I go about my day. It has meant setting intentions, taking action in alignment with my values but not trying too hard to control the outcomes and let the universe take care of me. 

And then there is support, receiving it, a lot of it – both from myself and through other channels – people I know, people I don’t but whose words impact me, tactical pieces like grocery delivery (don’t think I am going back to grocery shopping at stores!) and more important sources much bigger than me and that often means nature and the universe. 

And finally, there is service – one that I always long to do more of and often is what is missing when I am not feeling grounded. I have a list of ideas both big and small that I hope to bring to life but more often it is the energy and space around service that can be a beautiful catalyst. It is this belief that there is more to give and that giving is beautiful. It is the intention to prioritize work that goes beyond me and my family. 

Pic Credit – Stephen Leonardi


I am deeply curious and called to have more of these conversations around designing our post-pandemic lives. I know several of us are feeling anxious about everything going back to normal and yet so many of us are looking forward to the little joys of hugs, concerts, plane rides or simply eating at a restaurant!

I am facilitating a gathering for women that will include conversations, coaching, and connection on this topic and would be so honored if you’d like to join. These will be small intimate circles with a combination of coaching, journaling, listening so bring your cup of tea, wear your comfy sweater (or T-shirt!) and join me and other brave and curious hearts as we uncover what we are called to create out of this season, literally and metaphorically!

Dates: May 2nd

Time: 9 am to 10:30 am (Pacific Time)

Cost: Free

Please email me to save your spot and receive the zoom link to join! You are welcome to forward this email to others as well. 

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