This is my first poem on this blog. As a young child I wrote a lot of poetry, a lot! And yes, somewhere along the way I got lost and taught myself to not write poetry until I learnt to listen to my creative voice. I had written this a few years back and this stayed in my folder on a word doc until a few minutes back while I was cleaning my folders.


I feel that some of the buds inside me have blossomed and the journey has been beautiful with its joys, tears, struggles and anxieties. Here’s my love for you and hope each of you blossom at the time and place that is right for you. .


Desire to Blossom


Somewhere deep inside

There is a flower bud, trying hard to blossom

To express itself and share its fragrance,

To inspire and heal

To reach its fullness and vigor


Yet there is struggle, anxiety & uncertainty

The bud isn’t sure if the time is right

Whether it should blossom today or wait for the next spring

To keep growing slowly and be full grown by spring

Or simply blossom at its full pace today

Find another garden or make peace with the one it has


That’s when the bud needs love, acceptance & trust

And that it can find its own way. Until then…

Feed it, water it, and give it the sunshine it needs

Allow it to explore and reflect until it finds it right home

Nurture it, nourish it and love it for its uncertainty

One day it will blossom, One day it sure will blossom.



  1. Traci says:

    Such a lovely poem. Intuitive and encouraging, so glad you decided to share it.

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