December can be both joyful and chaotic. In the midst of all the planning, the myriad reminders to shop “more” and create a “magical” holiday season, we can feel exhausted. There is a paradox that often shows up with our longing to connect with loved ones over the holidays and the desire for quiet as we enter the darkest days of the year (for those in the Northern Hemisphere!). And then there is all the cultural conditioning around the “shoulds” of how this season should be and how little permission we give ourselves to design this month in a way that truly fuels us and aligns with our values. 

What often gets missed is a practice of reflection and integration before we go into the new year. We are so tempted to set goals and resolutions for the new year BEFORE we pause to savor the good of the previous year, honor the grief and losses and learn from the many lessons each year brings in our lives. 

Here’s my invitation for all mothers who can relate to the chaos and long for the pause. I am hosting a virtual gathering this Friday, where we will all come together with the intention to pause and reflect on 2022. I will bring some coaching questions and you can bring your favorite beverage, and a journal, and wear your comfy sweater as we get cozy and integrate our learnings for the year. You will have time for solo reflection as well as safe spaces to gather in smaller groups to find the common threads in all of our challenges. 

Here’s what you can expect coming out of our gathering 

  1. Deeper self-awareness of who you are becoming
  2. More clarity on the year and the many lessons and insights it brought into your world
  3. Greater connection to yourself and a reminder of the shared threads with other mothers
  4. A solid foundation as you plan 2023

Event Details

  1. Date: Dec 16th
  2. Time: 9 am PT to 10:15 am PT

Reply to this message to hold your spot and receive your zoom link. Welcome to invite other mothers in our community. We are better leaders in our workplaces, homes, and communities when we come together. 

P.S. – We will not be focusing on our vision and intention for 2023 in this gathering. I will hold another event for that in January. 

Pic Credit: Isabela Kronemberger

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