I recently wrapped up a 6-month partnership with one of my clients and we took a moment to reflect on his learnings and wins during this period. His organization had gone through two rounds of layoffs during this time including his manager being let go. I had seen the toll all of this had on this person and yet alongside the stress and depletion here he was, listing out one accomplishment after another 💡

I paused and asked what was the biggest contributor to his success story and he said – “I chose to stay.”

He meant that both in the literal sense of not resigning but perhaps more importantly the mindset, strategy, and actions that he took that helped him find some semblance of calm, career, and leadership growth through this period of so much chaos both on his team but also the larger organization and of course our world at large. We had explored if he wanted to leave and after a thoughtful reflection and conversations with trusted partners, he made a conscious and intentional decision to stay, not just to have a paycheck but to truly make the most of what was still available and possible for him at his current organization.

I know so many of you are in the same bucket of navigating so much change and uncertainty in this season. Here are some lessons learned from this client on how to manage your career more effectively at this time.

1️⃣ Find your ground – As you watch so many around you get laid off, it is natural and healthy to have your fair share of emotions. Take the time and find tools and resources to process and make meaning of what you are experiencing. Remind yourself that emotions are information on what you most need. Do what you need to lead yourself effectively so you can be the rock your team needs you to be. Replenish yourself, and commit to those daily, weekly, and monthly habits so you have the resilience to navigate what work brings your way.

2️⃣ Build a career strategy – As team structures change, departments get merged and roles are eliminated, reflect on where you want to go in your career, what skills you currently have, and where the gaps are, and build a plan while knowing that things can change again. Do your best to create clarity and provide direction to those around you within the constraints of where you are.

3️⃣ Invest in (and take care of) yourself – Finally, don’t forget to invest in and take care of yourself. Let your ambition be known and don’t forget to advocate for yourself (and your team!). Hire a coach (if you can, many employers pay for this) to work through your own challenges and connect with trusted mentors, peers, and friends to find solidarity and tools to better lead and manage your own career through this uncertainty.

Over to you. What’s helping you find your moments of thriving as you choose to “stay” at your organization?

Pic Credit: Nastuh AbootalebiHire

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