You have hopes and aspirations - to bring forth your authentic voice in the world, to show up with courage, and live and lead with your values.

You know what it likes to be in that space - you are alive, brave, and have a significant impact on those around you.

Yet, sometimes fear shows up, the inner critic gets loud and you hold yourself back unsure of whether this is the right thing to ask for, to speak up for what matters, or to take up more space.

You have been told to “silence that voice”, “tame the critic” or “simply think more positively.”

You have tried and it works but only sometimes and old conditioning can often take over.

You feel the call to connect back to your wisdom but you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and consumed by fear.

Maybe you’ve felt like this before ...

sound familiar?

There is a part of you that fully believes in you and reminds you that you matter - your dreams and voice matter, and that you are worthy of a more fulfilling life and career that holds meaning for you. That you have  a chance to model more of what our world needs today - your compassion, wisdom, and brilliance to redesign and make changes both big and small.

What if you could connect more fully, more often, and more bravely to this part of you so that your leadership behaviors, actions, and choices would more reflect your core values?

What if you knew that the most important relationship you had was with yourself so you could then manage your teams, your family, and all other relationships from this place of groundedness and self-belief?

What if you could trust your wise self before giving your power away to your inner critic?

Who would you be if you were able to lead from a place of calm, clarity, and connection in all that you do?

How do you connect to the leader within to lead effectively on the outside? 


Neha single-handedly lifted me up, championed my mission, helped me define my goals, guided me through personal and professional challenges, and most importantly, gave me the courage to step into the arena and just start my next life adventure. Her approach to finding my inner leader’s voice, recognizing and honouring my inner critic (without letting her take the lead), and giving myself grace and compassion, proved to be hands down life-changing! I am so grateful I got her guidance at the time I did, it truly shifted my mindset to be okay with my fears, but move forward with my inner power. It is a gift that will stay with me and continue to give me the strength I need for the rest of my life.

I cannot recommend her enough, It truly shifted my mindset to be okay with my fears, but move forward with my inner power

Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the second time I am running this program and the first one is underway and we dont have testimonials yet.  

the reviews

Are longing to be live and lead with greater integrity with your values 

Hope to make a positive difference in the world - even if it is small

Aspire to live with more courage and self-belief

Want to amplify your impact and bring forth the gifts you know you have

Want to grow and learn with a community of other brave humans

Are comfortable being uncomfortable and honest with yourself

Are willing to do the inner work and better understand yourself

THIS program IS FOR YOU IF YOU ...



inner Leader
coaching circle 

How it Works

5 week live group experience that includes teaching, coaching and connection with yourself and others 

Weekly live sessions where you learn new concepts and practices and connect with other fellow humans in real time.

Live Sessions

Learn new tools, engage with with reflection prompts & framewords to better understand and skilfully bring forth your inner leader

Self Discovery

Engage in a private coaching session to discover new insights or explore a topic in more depth

1:1 Coaching 

Greater connection with your inner wisdom, increased self-belief, self-compassion and confidence 

Increased ability to be with fear & self-doubt and manage it compassionately

More courage to take risks and trust yourself more deeply

What Outcomes can you expect with this program?

Discernment on the right choices and decisions in your work and personal life


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Neha has a wonderful ability to create psychological safety enabling me to share my fears with great ease and then work through them and navigate my path forward. She asks powerful questions that open up the possibilities for me to better understand myself, nourish my inner leader, and connect with the abundance that already exists in me.

I have been able to see my own blind spots as a manager and again connect back with my inner wisdom and learn new tools to lead my team more thoughtfully. I have also had the space to explore my deeper longings and learned to believe that my dreams are worth nourishing. I feel powerful and supported as a result of our work together and would highly recommend working with her.

I am more self-reliant and able to seek the answers within me ultimately making me a better human and leader in the process.

Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the second time I am running this program and the first one is underway and we dont have testimonials yet.  

the reviews

I am a leadership coach and possibility partner for women who aspire to bring forth their authentic voice in their work and lead with their values, power, and brilliance without burning themselves out in the process.

I’m also a certified yoga teacher and have led numerous yoga and meditation classes and retreats. I’ve also completed an Engineering degree, and an MBA in sustainable management and have 15+ years of experience in the corporate world with a focus on developing and launching new products. So, I understand the pulled-apart feeling of trying to balance work and home, rush and quiet, creation and contemplation. I coach busy, thoughtful humans to claim their own leadership power (regardless of their job description or title!) and find fulfillment through contribution, self-expression, and meaning in small and big ways.

I’m Neha - A leadership coach and possibility partner 


A few years back when I was in coach training, I had one of my most transformative coaching sessions where I met one of my inner leaders. As I sat there describing this part of myself tears kept falling off my cheeks - those were tears of joy, gratitude, and pride and once I had gotten to know her better, I instantly exclaimed - “I have this wise human inside of me who I deeply admire and here I was so so consumed by my critic that I wasn't letting this voice lead from the front.”

Fast forward to the next 3 years and my practice of bringing forth my leaders has been one of my biggest sources of strength and joy as I navigated the pandemic, survived being fired from what I thought was my dream job, and mustered the courage to start my own small business.

And then there were my clients - smart, wise, thoughtful, brave humans often consumed by doubt and fear, and yet when they were able to be in the presence of their own inner leaders, they knew how to negotiate or ask for that raise or take a stand on something that matters. Oftentimes, they didn't need to read another leadership book or work longer hours but find ways to trust their own brilliance and inner-knowing to move forward.

And that’s my mission with this program, - help you connect with your inner leaders and identify when the critic comes in the way and how to best navigate those situations when we are longing to take up space, express ourselves with our full power and create the change we are deeply called for in the world.

Why I created this program?


"I learned to become aware of my inner leaders and my inner critic. I now know that I don't need to judge my critic but have the tools to work with my critic and move from inaction to action. I discovered how brave I am and that I am more of a leader than I gave myself credit for with my unique style and strengths. I'm grateful for your empathy and ability to provide me with space and tools to be with and effectively work with the discomfort of my feelings. I highly recommend making an investment like this in yourself and creating change in your life. Be ready to do some inner and outer work and have some hard conversations."

"I don’t know if I would have started my business without your coaching."

the reviews

Feedback is from 1:1 client. This is the second time I am running this program and the first one is underway and we dont have testimonials yet.  


frequently asked

Each cohort will have 8-12 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, demographics and career stages.

Yes, you will have access to all recordings within 48 hours. Schedules can be tough and know that you will get significant value even if you skip a session or two.

Yes, scholarships will be available. Please email me at to learn more.

Yes, all participants will have 1 private coaching session as well.

No, this program is open to people of all genders and will be an inclusive circle of people. The circles tend to skew more towards women but everyone is welcome! 

All assignments are optional and most participants dedicate between 30 mins to 2 hours each week outside of our sessions.

Yes, please reach out to me at with more questions.