I spent so much of my last year facilitating small groups and circles. I led several cohorts of my Inner Leader Coaching Circle and one cohort of the BOLD LEADERSHIP for BRAVE MOTHERS program. I also led a few groups within tech companies and one thing became evident to me – Humans thrive in a community yet we often don’t have dedicated spaces or are so consumed by our everyday responsibilities that it’s hard to carve out time to pause, reflect, integrate and learn with fellow humans. 

I was so humbled by what I saw when people came together to dream and make room for their longings, when people came together to unlearn and relearn and when they recognized that they were not alone in their struggles and fears. There was something magical when people gathered in a safe space and gave themselves permission to slow down and listen to their own wisdom. It was powerful to witness the moments of self-doubt transform into greater self-belief in a community of supportive peers who deeply believed in you and could hold space without judgment.  

I have felt so inspired and energized by every group I have had the honor to lead that I am starting this new year with a deeper commitment to creating more spaces of connection and community for us to grow together. I will be starting the next cohort of the BOLD LEADERSHIP for BRAVE MOTHERS in March and registration will open in Feb!

I will have a series of (free) gatherings exclusively for Mothers in the first few months of the year and would love to have many of you attend and give yourselves the gift of time and space to deepen your leadership and impact in the world.  

Gathering 1: Defining success, ambition, and fulfillment

Gathering 2: Self-Compassion as a leadership skill

Gathering 3: Exploring worthiness

Gathering 4: Navigating fear & uncertainty

My hope is that you leave with a new perspective and greater self-belief in your own abilities. I hope you leave feeling inspired to dream bigger on your own terms and experience a deeper connection with your fellow mothers on this planet. 

You can sign up here for dates and times that work for you. You will receive the zoom link in 24 hours of signing up.

Hope to see you in our little windows soon. 

Much love,


Image Credit: Mario Purisic

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