To all the parents out there with little kids – I see you. Figuring out how to fit in work and school and childcare while making space for some ease, joy, love, and compassion when there is so much suffering in the world is hard. If you were less kind to your kids than you wanted and perhaps yelled a bit more, know that you were not alone. If your kids didn’t want to be on zoom and you had to make sure that they still made it in time to their zoom calls and you had to get to yours, I see how hard you are trying. If your kids complained about feeling rushed at bedtime and wanted to sleep much later, I am reminding you that this is a hard season. If the younger kids struggled with the rest of the family on screens and wanted more paw patrol, I am both smiling with empathy and pulling my hair at the same time. For those of you who miss their parenting village and are unable to bring some of that back due to COVID – 19 risks, logistics or finances, I am with you.

Parenting and fitting in work and life in COVID – 19 is hard. It has been hard for the last 5+ months and it is not going to be easy in the next few months.

Yet, I also hope you see love, courage, and hope in ways you did not know you were capable of.

I hope you savor your wins and how hard you are trying. I hope you see the beauty in how you tuck in your kids at bedtime and thank your partner for being supportive. I hope you see that you are doing your best to meet your deadlines at work. I hope you see your humanity in your tears and the wisdom in you as you make the right choices for your family. I hope you see your courage when you say sorry to your kids after yelling at them. I hope you seek help when you can and give love when you can. I hope you know that some balls will need to drop, and you check in with yourself everyday to make sure you are dropping the right balls.   

I had a very hard week as school started last week. I needed to write and hear this to remind myself of my own strength and more importantly what we can all get through together with love, kindness, and courage!

Thank you to those in my village who make this journey a lot more joyful!

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