July 4th is a good friend’s wedding anniversary and this past year she had a 6-month-old little cutie! As most new parents can perhaps relate to, she had no plans of doing anything special, as her babysitter was busy. I instantly offered to watch her baby and was incredibly touched by her trust and more importantly overjoyed myself to see the joy in her text messages that she is likely going to take me up on my offer. As I reached her house at 8:30 pm, I was excited to see her all dressed up, the nice silk shirt, the simple and graceful make up and that red lipstick!


Luckily she lives a block away, but unfortunately, my little one didn’t want to sleep early so I took him with me as we both weren’t ready to sleep without each other:-)  Vivaan was incredibly excited to explore and check out a new bathroom, a new fridge, new books that were significantly more interesting and almonds that tasted different that what he eats at home!! Ah toddlers and their unpredictable brains:-)


The little baby didn’t wake up but kept turning and tossing every few minutes but my little one refused to sleep until dad came to pick him up. He thought he was going on a field trip and happily said bye and gave me a flying kiss! My friend came back and once again a part of my heart felt full and content to see both of them happy. She thanked me whole-heartedly; I left with a big smile.


I came home and a part of me felt incredibly nourished and soft. I sat with my thoughts and eventually had to pen them down. Giving, connecting, receiving, sharing and above all loving wholeheartedly feels good. It’s a gift to have people in my life whose kids I can watch, for their trust in me. It’s a blessing to have a husband who values and encourages kindness even if it means our own schedules may be slightly rearranged. It’s a treat to live in a community where I know my neighbors and I can share my real, raw and vulnerable self. I am grateful to have the luxury of time to build meaningful relationships and receive love.


As I aspire to build my career, acquire new skills and think about my 401k accounts, I hope I continue to remember what truly matters and make time for love. I hope our world transforms that we celebrate love and community more than the sizes of our houses and the titles on our resume. I hope I continue to have friends whose kids I can watch, whose cribs I can rock and whose diapers I can change. I hope to be able to have the capacity and courage to love, give and share!


This coming Friday, a dear cousin has offered to watch Vivaan and her girls are overjoyed to have a “baby” to play with. My heart swells with gratitude, love, abundance and the power of kindness is right here.


Take a moment and pause and reflect on when someone did something meaningful for you. Then also think about the last time you did something thoughtful for someone. What emotions does this bring up for you? If this desires and emotions are meaningful to you, how can you create more of these in your life?

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