How can we express ourselves creatively? 

How might we contribute to solving the major challenges in the world?
What is that childhood dream that wants to see the light of day?

Who thinks about learning to play guitar when there are still bags to unpack from last month’s work trip?

For many of us, whether we work outside the house or not, there are moments when we question our identity and purpose. We reflect on what we want to accomplish on this planet and what it is that we aspire to leave behind. But then we brush aside these questions in the hope of just getting through another day, putting ideas, dreams and desires on hold until we have more time. 

Let’s create room for your longings!

Take your dreams OFF hold.

It doesn’t matter what you deeply desire… what matters is that you pay attention, express yourself and leave your mark in that process. There are a multitude of ways you can bring all parts of yourself to the table and manifest all your desires - to parent, to earn, to learn, to grow, to contribute and to find joy and meaning through all of this. 

You may want to volunteer, pursue a long-lost hobby or start a new one, crave a deeper connection with your spouse, train for a marathon, go to a yoga retreat or paint more often.

There will always be another countertop to wipe, a swim lesson the kids are late for, laundry to be folded and one more email to send. Can we really find 30 minutes a week to let our dreams manifest and see the light of day?

Yes. And this couldn’t be more important as a parent. We tell our children to seek a life of meaning, purpose, creativity, self-expression and service. We need to model what we hope for them to achieve as adults so they have the freedom, courage, love and space to find their own path on this beautiful journey called life.

I work with busy parents to discover their longings, listen to their callings, and find the right amount of time to create & contribute so they can lead more purposeful, fulfilling and uplifting lives.

We’ll always be busy. 

+ Discovering your ideas, dreams and callings and why they matter to you
+ Values as a rudder for making decisions; Vision as the north star to stay on course
+ Managing guilt, dedicating time & energy
+ Getting started, prototyping, testing and tweaking
+ Inner critics & inner leaders: How to work with fear and strengthen your courage
+ Kindness & self-compassion: Essential leadership tools
+ Building momentum: Finding inspiration, support, community & accountability when you need it

Partnership investment: $1,800. For all new partnership commitments entered into July – October 2020, I will make a $900 donation to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Coaching Partnership

What to expect from our

These will typically be a 4-month partnership, which begins with a 90-minute Discovery Call, followed by 8 biweekly (every two weeks) sessions via Zoom or similar platform, with unlimited email support and relevant resources.

Please ask me about the availability of sliding-scale and pro bono pricing.

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Jeremy, Project Manager

"Leading with empathy, Neha was able to challenge my assumptions about myself and my perceived limitations. She was never prescriptive, instead acting as a guide who would lead me to self-realizations that allowed me to gain confidence, learn to prioritize myself and achieve actual career milestones. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Neha as my coach, and you will be too.”

"In just 5 months working together, Neha was able to have a measurable impact on my personal and professional development."  

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The Support, Ideas, And Honesty You’re Looking For To Claim Your Dream, Commit To Your Purpose And Make It All Happen.

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The support, ideas, and honesty you’re looking for to claim your dream, commit to your purpose and make it all happen.

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