Most of my posts are about myself, my life and its nuances with a sneak peak into my family and friends but it’s really a beautiful army of people that help keep my ship running – people who have inspired me to keep working, writing and staying true to my values. It’s really a long list of people that are my allies, confidantes, my real village that add meaning & joy to my life…

This post is really about deep heartfelt gratitude about all the people in my life that truly make it possible for me to live a life that matters to me.

  1. My husband – For being a true partner in this journey called life. I absolutely couldn’t be the mom, employee, blogger, community member and homemaker that I am without you. I know I can be mean, I can be impatient and sometimes take you for granted but I am trying my best to be nice every single moment:-)
  2. My parents – They are my true rocks. My mom & dad are my most accepting ally. My mom is my best friend & therapist and the person who loves me most unconditionally. Thank you again!! There are times when I feel I lean on them for support way more than I am their rock, I am aware and trying to truly be there when they are struggling in their own ways.
  3. My siblings – For coming and visiting me so, so often, for being an integral part of Vivaan’s life and for listening to all my crazy ideas, fears and always being there to give a big bear hug:_) I don’t think I appreciated the joy of 3 siblings as a child but as an adult I am very grateful to have two sisters and one brother who light up my world.
  4. Friends – I am blessed to have some incredibly thoughtful friends – friends who truly, deeply love and accept me for who I am. Friends I can call in the middle of the work day when I am struggling, friends to bring me food when first trimester nausea kept me away from my kitchen and friends who will graciously watch Vivaan so I can spend some time with Sumit. There are friends I won’t get to talk to or meet for months but at this point in my life the joy of knowing they are there and I am loved is the best gift.
  5. My extended family – I am again very blessed to have a huge family with lots of people who truly love me. People who showed up at my wedding and at the hospital. People whom I can send hand written notes to an bake birthday cakes for. #Gratitude
  6. Teachers at Day Care – Every single day, I remember to tell them thank you because they really are a HUGE part in allowing me to focus at work and not worry about Vivaan. I miss him while at work but I know he is in good hands and I couldn’t be more fortunate to have such a lovely place that is truly his second home.
  7. Mitchelle – We had the privilege of sharing our home for 2 years with Mitchelle and she is a lovely gift in all of our lives. A lovely addition to Vivaan’s life – he could totally spend hours with her without even asking where are mumma and papa. I cherished our walks, hikes, trips to the farmers market and much more – what’s better than having a girlfriend stay right with you in your own house:-)
  8. Ishita – My cousin who has played such an integral role in Vivaan’s life. When she is home, I can breathe and cook in silence while Vivaan gets on the slide or cooks cupcakes with her. It’s a gift to have another adult have a positive influence in your child’s life and be reminded that he is loved and accepted for who he is. I feel happy knowing I get to share a part of my life, my dreams and fears with a sweet, little sister.
  9. My manager – She truly understands what it means to be a working parent who also has pregnancy appointments and daycare shutdowns. She knows where I need to be pushed at work and where I need to be reminded to slow down. She gets a huge thank you for enabling me to integrate my work & life so effectively.
  10. Bon Appetite Team – This is the food team at LinkedIn that provides excellent, healthy, sustainable food choices to all employees. I still recollect how concerned my doctor would worry about my pregnancy weight with Vivaan until I joined Linkedin and started munching down all the delicious food. I couldn’t have breastfed peacefully for as long as I did without this gift and I am incredibly grateful to not have to worry about eating healthy for most of my day.
  11. Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Fitness Instructors – Taking care of my mind and body is a huge part of my life and I am so so grateful to have amazing yoga teachers, barre instructors and massage therapists who can support me when I need them. Deep gratitude.
  12. Bloggers & Authors – I cannot thank this group enough and it’d hard to list all of them. Books & words are indeed my best friends. I typically don’t leave home without a book and there are so many wonderful writers who have supported me in my life and inspired me to write. I truly bow down to this lovely force of nature.
  13. My house-helper – Everytime she is home, I tell her “I don’t know what I’d do without you” and this is absolutely true. She is truly the woman who gives me time to exercise, write, cook for my friends & family, play in the sandbox & make art projects at 7:30 pm and can get a good night’s sleep. She makes sure my laundry is folded, my dishes cleaned and my fruits and vegetables cut down so I can focus on cooking and eating healthy foodJ. She is moving to Sacramento and I am really going to miss her…

Thank you again to this amazing army of wonderful human beings in my life…


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