A few months back, I had written a couple of posts on callings here & here. This post is a continuation of my thoughts in them. If you haven’t read those, I’d invite you to start there before reading further.


  • Your calling has to be your vocation

For some individuals, their job title matches exactly with their heart’s desires and the job pays the bills too. This is incredibly inspiring yet your story doesn’t have to be the same way. Your calling may be very different from your day job and that is perfectly fine. They may be somewhat interconnected and complement one another and that too is perfectly fine. There doesn’t have to be one linear way of sharing your gifts in the world.

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Lesson #5: It’s okay for your day job and your calling to be poles apart or somewhat aligned. Start anyway!

  • But I should have only one calling

Who said so???

Yes, we all get inspired by the story of the musician who spends 10 hours a day, every day creating music with a uni-directional focus. We absolutely need individuals with that laser sharp focus doing just one thing. Thank God we have those brain surgeons and oncologists in the world taking care of us.

But that doesn’t have to be your story. It is absolutely okay if you like to paint and also crunch numbers. You think I am kidding, read more about my colleague Mariah Walton here and see her art here.

You may spend more time on one at one time in your life and then switch gears at another. Multi-passionate individuals shouldn’t feel that something is wrong with them. Being strategic, creative and thoughtful with your different interests can actually empower you to live more fully.

Lesson #6: It is okay to care deeply about more than one thing at the same time. You don’t have to but its absolutely okay if you do!


  • Pursuing your callings should be easy

The media keeps sending us messages that when we pursue our callings, life will suddenly become easy. This is often not the case. Yes, there will be increased meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life but that doesn’t mean every minute of spending more time doing what you love will make life increasingly simple. Quite likely, it will mean learning new skills, stepping into unchartered territories, embracing fear, and facing some failures.

Continue anyway…

Lesson #7: Pursuing our callings add complexity and challenge to our life but also bring meaning, purpose and contentment making the extra effort worth it!


The world needs more of us to express ourselves and share our unique gifts with others. Yet, its absolutely fine if you don’t have a calling that you are pursuing at this point. If you’ve reached to the end of this post, chances are you have the curiosity to explore more about what makes you come alive and that’s the most important first step. While you are on this path, also remind yourself that trying to be a good human being, intentionally fulfilling your responsibilities as an adult, practicing kindness to yourself and others and doing your part for our planet and society is a worthwhile pursuit in itself.


Deep bow to each of your callings!





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