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A few people have asked me lately – Why are you writing this blog? What is your mission & vision with this blog? Some people find it interesting that in addition to a full time job, grad school and a small baby (who is about to turn one!!), I would still dedicate resources to writing and growing this online community when I could be focusing more on what’s already on my plate.


And the short answer is – I am deeply called to do this work right now. My inner critic reminded me how busy I am as a new working mom, that every free minute in my day “should” be spent with my baby and that there are enough blogs in the world that my voice isn’t needed (ouch!) and YET, I couldn’t stop myself from writing & sharing with all of you.


I have to confess that I don’t have a well-crafted vision or a north star that I am aspiring for. It is in the works and perhaps one day I’ll have more clarity but for now I am absolutely enjoying this journey …


However, what I do have clarity on is my now (in formal terms my mission). I hope to share my voice & deliver content via various products & services to inspire a life that encompasses both personal fulfillment & global impact.


So what does this really mean?

 Self  Expression + Service

 a) Self Expression

 I had always wanted to write. In fact, I had started writing my first book, (on life at a boarding school) when I was 13. That book isn’t in print anywhere and I wish I had followed my heart and finished the book but somewhere I believed that doing math problems and competing in debate competitions is what good girls do. Ah!


Fast-forward to a decade later, I still wanted to write but my inner critic got loud, too too loud. She kept telling me how my grammar wasn’t perfect, how I didn’t have any new ideas and that my time is better spent somewhere else. I listened to her. Sigh…


For many years, my left-brain was fueled with numbers and power point in my job(s) but my right brain felt lonely and unloved. I only dreamt of this blog, this community, the impact it could have and I kept telling myself, I’ll do it when X happens, Y happens and the usual drill of listening to your fears.


It was truly during my pregnancy when I had this absolutely unstoppable voice that kept telling me – “Neha, you are giving birth to a baby and he will learn more from how you live your life than how you ask him to live his life. GO start your blog. You will never be busier or more exhausted than as a new mom but you have to start somewhere.”


I am so glad I listened to that voice and have the wonderful privilege to think about what I have to say, to think about what the world can benefit from hearing and translate them into words.


b) Service

 I have always found great joy in helping people and honestly I am no special person in feeling that way. Our brains are biologically wired to care. Pause for a moment and think of the times when you have felt your heart fill up with joy and almost always there will be a component of care, love and giving in it!


I am sharing this blog so that more of you can connect with your truth, share your voice and gifts in the world and contribute to the conversations that are not happening. I wanted to share my own thoughts as well as the voice of those who have helped me on my journey, in helping me feel unstuck and go for the life I am truly called to live. I want to build a community of people – those who can inspire others by their own truths.


When we feed our true desires, fuel our authentic voices, we make a difference in the world. We care, we give, we love and that is what the world truly needs!


Looking Ahead

 In the years ahead, I do hope to get my coaching certification and do more of teaching, writing, speaking & coaching. Not sure if I want this to be my full time work but I hope to create a business that can serve people in accessing their true potential through this platform and build in a component that can also serve children & women in developing countries so that they too can access their true potential and I can stay true to my purpose of self expression and service.


For now, I am finding great meaning in the work I am doing today and connecting with each of you via this platform.


Thank you to the people for the questions! You inspired me to write this post:-)



  1. Heena says:

    This is very inspiring Neha! Thanks for sharing and look forward to more life discussions 🙂

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