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Helping busy parents create, contribute and design meaningful lives

I help working parents identify their longings and create the life they are most called to live.

Pursue a new hobby, Instigate change, Start a small business, Invest in deep friendships, Move to the woods, Write your book...

Living purposefully doesn’t mean quitting your job or feeling guilty forever

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As your coach, I bring deep empathy, fierce compassion, truth-telling and a commitment to your calling. You bring an open mind, curiosity and a desire to learn, explore and create new possibilities in your life. Together, we will discover what you are longing for and the tools, time and energy to help you get there.

We ask our children to seek a life of meaning, self-expression and service, but can find it hard to model that behavior ourselves. Do you sense you have more to give to the world? Or ache for a dream put on hold? I coach busy, thoughtful parents to feel more fulfilled through creativity and contribution – without quitting their jobs or missing out on bedtime stories. 

Leadership Coach & Possibility Partner

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"Nothing affects the life of a child so much as the unlived life of its parent."

 - Carl Jung



Jeremy, Project Manager

"Leading with empathy, Neha was able to challenge my assumptions about myself and my perceived limitations. She was never prescriptive, instead acting as a guide who would lead me to self-realizations that allowed me to gain confidence, learn to prioritize myself and achieve actual career milestones. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Neha as my coach, and you will be too.”

"In just 5 months working together, Neha was able to have a measurable impact on my personal and professional development."  

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I see your deep longing and the courage & possibility to bring all parts of yourself forward. Let’s stretch a brave new canvas and begin to paint. Let’s find your way to answer the call.

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