We are over 7 months into this pandemic, into a strange way of living where we can’t hug many of our loved ones, an uneasy feeling every time we sneeze or have an itch in the throat. Some of us have seen the death of someone we know and love. And for many of us with children, there is exhaustion and burnout. There is more tension with the people we live with and there are new financial challenges for many of us. Not to mention, the everyday struggles and challenges of modern living haven’t suddenly disappeared and many of them have been amplified.

And then there is suffering outside of our homes. The pandemic has amplified a lot of what was already broken in our world – inequalities across the board, racial injustice, the patriarchy, climate crisis, political divisiveness, child care crisis (especially in the US), to name a few.  

Some days the pain and heaviness are too intense. 

Yes, a part of me can’t wait to get the vaccine so I can have my freedom back and resume parts of my old life. 

Yet, a part of me doesn’t want to go back to the old ways of doing things. There was a lot that was truly broken and I hope we create a new world in our own homes and outside – a world that reflects our own personal values more closely. A world with more justice, equality, and belonging and a planet that is well taken care of for many generations to come.  

I see hope in the world around us as I hear stories of the patriarchy being questioned in small and big ways. I hear stories of courage as women talk about negotiating more effectively with their spouses or employers recognizing the costs of burnout. There is so much more awareness (and changes) around the important issues of racial justice. There are more conversations around climate change and I want to stay hopeful that we will collectively find a new braver way of living. 

And I know hope isn’t enough…

We have a lot more to do and perhaps more importantly, a bigger opportunity to think of who we want to be, how we want to show up as humans on this beautiful planet, and how we choose to work to better support our values and dreams and the way we contribute in the world. And for those insights to emerge, we need to carve space, pay attention to our pain, listen to the whispers that we can often ignore in the busyness of our lives.

I have loved this quote by Carrie Fisher –

Take your broken heart and make it into art.

This quote reminds me that we are in a powerful season of transition or the “gap” between what was and what will be as Jac McNeil describes beautifully in her post here. It is a season of listening to our inner voices and the outer world, to bring curiosity and define what needs to change in our own lives and the world outside of us. 

I am deeply curious and called to have more of these conversations and listen to your stories of pain and frustration and explore what you are called to create in small and big ways. Maybe you want to carve out an hour a week to work on sexual violence or simply be calmer with your kids. Maybe you are so deeply saddened by the state of the climate or the ways women of color are being marginalized in this pandemic. 

I am facilitating a conversation and coaching circle on this topic and would be so honored if you’d like to join. These will be small intimate circles with a combination of coaching, journaling, listening so bring your cup of tea, wear your comfy sweater and join me and other brave and curious hearts as we uncover how to create art out of this season, literally and metaphorically!

Dates: Nov 8th and Nov 22nd
Time: 9 am to 10:30 am (Pacific Time)
Cost: Free

Please email me to save your spot and receive the zoom link to join! You are welcome to forward this email to others as well. 

Much Love,

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